100% Student Satisfaction for Raffles House

Clare Trigg
14th June 2017

100% Student Satisfaction for Raffles House

Following complaints from frustrated students of a slow and inconsistent internet service at Raffles House in Wembley, London based student accommodation provider iQ turn to StudentCom to help improve student satisfaction.

Colum Anglin, Regional Operations Director for iQ explained that the existing infrastructure installed by their incumbent supplier was insufficient to cope with today’s student demands. While they had been experiencing issues over the past few years, the situation had worsened recently as students were bringing more and more devices with them.

A student living at Raffles House described their experience of the service, “Floor by floor, block by block, everyone’s experienced all these problems with the internet. Some people would have to move to the common room or outside.” According to another student, “at times you couldn’t even get on Google or load up a web browser at all”.

With students becoming increasingly angry and publicly complaining on Facebook, iQ became concerned about the impact on their reputation and were resolved to take action. As Colin points out, “taking away wi-fi from students today is like taking away oxygen”.

Colum went on to explain, “StudentCom provides Wi-Fi at some of our other sites and because of the service that we received from them at those sites we engaged with them as trusted partner to come and survey the building.” After carrying out a site wide survey, StudentCom immediately discovered the existing infrastructure was not fit for purpose and proposed a solution in line with today’s students’ demanding requirements.

Whilst initially Colum felt that the proposed timescales of the project were very ambitious, he was delighted to report that StudentCom stuck to the schedule to the day and met every single milestone, from re-cabling of the building through to floor by floor access point installation.

Since the new service went live in February, Colum says there have been no complaints at all and students are delighted to finally have a service that is not only fast and reliable, but also consistent throughout their entire accommodation.

Finally, Colum explains “We now have an internet service that is absolutely best in class and is a model that we will look to replicate across our estate”.