Are you ready for Generation Z?

Are you ready for Generation Z?

Clare Trigg
4th April 2016

Trying to understand the thoughts of any teenager is no easy feat. So, how are we supposed to know what they want from their university accommodation before they’ve even arrived? Do they actually want to go to university? Do they see worth in spending so much money to attend? Just a few questions of many that come to mind.

Now, we don’t profess to have the capability to read the minds of teenagers, nor would we want to! What we do have the capability to do however, is broaden our knowledge with an ongoing mission to consistently improve our service. With new knowledge, the sector can thrive, and that knowledge is not best placed with ourselves only, but all those working within HE.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to ask the next generation of prospective university students to tell us exactly what their attitudes are towards university accommodation and technology. Surveying 800 15-18 year olds, all of which likely to be attending university, we were able to discover just what they feel about the prospect of attending university.

By learning their preconceptions, feelings, thoughts and expectations we can use this to shape and mould the service that not only we provide, but also share that information with the sector. Our white paper gives a direct insight into the minds of Generation Z and in doing so we can all have a deeper level of understanding as to what we need to do to cater to this new generation of students, far before they’ve even filled in their application forms.

We’re inviting all to take a look at our findings. You’ll find out what this generation says about the thought of attending university, how important is it to them, and just what they expect when they move in; would they prefer clean pants or be able to stream the next episode of Game of Thrones?

To find out, get in touch with Tom White and we’ll be happy to show you what we’ve discovered.

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