Arrivals & Freshers: my story

Arrivals & Freshers': my story

Adam Omar
9th October 2017

I decided to move in to Halls at the beginning of the official ‘Moving in Week’, and I’m so glad that I did. I met so many new faces straight away and it gave me a chance to properly settle in and get used to my new surroundings before everyone else moved in.

The drive up to UWE Bristol (from South Wales) with my Mam and sister only took just over an hour. It would’ve taken even less time if my Mam wasn’t driving. She drove in the hard shoulder TWICE and took the wrong turning probably more than twice…

By the time we’d arrived it was all pretty confusing to say the least. The campus is literally a maze but thankfully, there were lots of students and staff dotted around the campus to guide us to where we needed to be.

There were moving in helpers waiting outside of the flat to help with unloading and carrying things into my new place, and considering that my new room is situated on the top floor, I was extremely grateful! With their help as well as my Mam and sister’s help with organising my room and unpacking my things, it was all looking much homelier in no time.

The flat was very quiet (and very clean, too!) for the first week seeming as there were only three out of twelve of us there. Not long after my Mam and sister headed home, me and one of my flatmates decided to go to the Student Union Bar where we met lots of new people, which of course led to a random flat party!

The fact that I was moving out and away from home for the very first time didn’t feel real at all, and sometimes it still doesn’t. I haven’t really had the chance to feel homesick as I’ve literally been home to see my family and my boyfriend every weekend so far. Plus, knowing that I’m just under an hour away from home helps a lot too.

Throughout the rest of my first week at Uni, more people started to move into the flat…

 …And I also started meeting people from my course!

This month has consisted of great nights out with great people with lots to see and do around campus (such as activity events, freebies from the Freshers Fair and lots of try-out sessions for different societies).

It’s fair to say that it’s been quite a month! But, it’s been a great month and on the plus side I’m yet to get attacked by the famous ‘Freshers Flu’. The joys! So, I will leave all of you future/fellow freshers out there with a few to do’s and what not to do during freshers:


·        Socialise and join at least one society (even if you feel slightly outside of your comfort zone, just try them out!)

·        Get the ‘Men ACWY’ vaccine done before you go to Uni (it’ll protect you from meningitis and septicaemia, which can be deadly or cause irreversible damage to your body. Please, get it done!)

·        Balance out your social life with course-related matters well (as fun as going out with your new-found Uni friends is, it wouldn’t be so much fun falling behind on work. After all, you are going to Uni to get that degree!)


·        Tire yourself out by going out every night (it’s okay to take a night off!)

·        Isolate yourself (remember that everyone starting Uni is usually in the same boat as you and it can be both a daunting and overwhelming experience! Even if you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to your new flatmates or people on your course about how you’re feeling, Uni’s always offer free counselling and more to support you).

·        Eat junk food too much (you’re more likely to get ill if you do... I should also take note of this point…)

Good luck to all of you fellow freshers out there!

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