Campuslife take to the skies!

Charlotte Griffiths
4th August 2016

Talking to Anglia Ruskin Uni, we see how drones are making accommodation videos exciting for students.

We talked to Paul Harris from Anglia Ruskin Uni, to discover how they are showcasing their accommodation in a way they have never done before: using drone technology and fancy film techniques.

With a variety of accommodation spread across the city, Anglia Ruskin commissioned Campuslife to use their expertise to create visually appealing tours that can be accessed online. Everyone knows tours can be slightly dull, but these videos really bring the accommodation to life.

Aerial footage allows students to see the wider area of campus. Transport hubs, the library, or more importantly, the nearest bar all have convenient labels to see exactly how far they are from their chosen accommodation. Why take a bus when you can potentially wobble home?

Working with Campuslife was such a pleasure that Paul nominated them for Business Partner of the Year at the CUBO Awards 2016.

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