From intern to Campuslifer: Barlow’s journey so far...

From intern to Campuslifer: Barlow’s journey so far...

Gemma Barlow
10th July 2017

When people ask me how long I’ve been working for Campuslife, although I’ve been a full-time employee for almost 3 years, the real answer is around 6 years. I started as an intern in my first year of university and spent 4 weeks here. Over my 3 years at uni, I had to complete 2 compulsory placements. Luckily for me, I was assigned to Campuslife.

Based on stories from other students and let’s face it- movies , I was concerned that an internship meant making cups of teas - not only do I hate hot drinks but the last time I had made a cup of tea was when I was living back home with my mum and dad. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

During my 4 weeks, I worked across both Browzer and video production, travelled miles across the country on video shoots and ran some very bizarre errands (I was given £50 to go out and source...a money-bank that looked like a brain, plastic intestines with social media on, a ‘mind-control’ helmet and a heart with friends in- TRUE STORY...)

I got to know the team well, thanks to the car journeys (I quickly learnt Oliver and I didn’t have the same taste in music, Eastwood was a huge JT fan (much to my delight) Mike liked to play car games and Abigail loved puppies) and after 4 weeks felt hugely grateful for getting such a fulfilling placement.

Throughout uni, I then continued to help out, whether it be as an extra hand on video shoots or writing content for Browzer. I lived about 2 minutes from the office so would make sure to ‘pop-in’ with baked goods whenever I could and gained more and more experience. Skip ahead to third year and was working 3 days a week on Browzer content, results day dawned and Simon offered me a full-time job!

I have achieved a lot since that first day of my placement, highlights being: getting employee of the year, being the first person to work on the Student Welcome, completing the Yorkshire Warrior and ASRA Belfast.

I’m forever doing something different in my role and love the chances I get to branch out even further. It’s going to be an exciting year with lots lined up already and I’m looking forward to the challenges that will come along with it!

Although, I still, to this day, think the greatest thing I’ve ever done for this company was organise the prop cupboard…