Protect students from web based threats using Web Filtering by StudentCom

Protect students from web based threats using Web Filtering by StudentCom

Clare Trigg
23rd August 2017

New from StudentCom, Web Filtering keeps users safe and provides the highest level security.

With web threats increasing and in line with the Government’s Prevent legislation, it has never been so important for universities to protect students while using the web. Utilising our existing core infrastructure combined with software from industry leading security experts, Symantec – StudentCom’s Web Filtering is a quick to deploy, low cost solution.

Web Filtering protects your students from web based threats and sensitive information whilst on the StudentCom network. Each URL that a student visits will be analysed against a web categorisation database powered by Symantec, the global leader in cyber security. A web categorisation database is automatically updated every 6 hours to capture any newly identified threats or sensitive information.

If the URL the end user is trying to visit has been categorised as a web based threat or contains sensitive information (such as violence, drugs or pornography), the student will be directed to an intercept page. Depending on the deployment method chosen, the student can either be blocked from visiting the site, or they would have to accept via an intercept page that they are about to access unsuitable content. This intercept page can be customised with your logo and branding to suit your needs.

All users are protected, and there is no opt out facility, helping you to comply with the Government’s Prevent legislation to deliver a duty of care to students and under 18s. Prevent forms part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy aiming to prevent individuals being drawn into terrorism.

Once setup, the automatic updates from Symantec means there is no additional management required by staff at the university or accommodation. Monthly reports will be provided, with data that you can interpret to identify where a particular student may need further support depending on the category type. However, the URL will not be provided due to data protection.

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out how web filtering can give you increased resilience, scalability and security to keep your students safe. Call us on 03333 800 800 or drop us an email at, or find out more details on our website

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