SFI™- For the future of connectivity

Clare Trigg
16th December 2016

LivingCom’s Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™), sets our service apart in the developing Private Rented Sector. But what is SFI™?

SFI™ is a faster and simpler way to cable your building. With traditional cabling designs you need a switch for every 90 metres of cable, fans for every switch, multiple cabinets and splitters…a lot of different equipment to power and maintain that wastes valuable space and money, which doesn’t help your carbon footprint either!

Running over a single seamless fibre network, instead of multiple cables to each floor, our fibre cable doesn’t need switches or fans. This reduces the wasted space per floor, decreases the potential for faults and reduces your maintenance budget.

In a society where the Internet needs to be more and more accessible, its essential that your building is futureproof. With SFI™, it’s easy to add additional data points. Therefore, there is no restriction on the TV, Internet and phone packages you can offer to residents.

Installing an SFI™ Network, you add value to your building by saving space, power and money.

And installing SFI with LivingCom comes with warranty and support throughout the term of your contract.

SFI™ utilises the VertiCasa™ cable system from Prysmian which is designed specifically to bring optical fibre directly to residents, providing a fast and flexible means of connecting users.

Notes to the Editor

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