StudentCom proud to partner with 1 in 4 top ranking universities in the TEF

StudentCom proud to partner with 1 in 4 top ranking universities in the TEF

Charlotte Griffiths
23rd June 2017

The results of the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) have now been released, ranking over 130 universities in the UK based on the quality of teaching they provide their students.

At StudentCom, we are proud to work with 1 in 4 of the Universities that achieved Gold or Silver status in the government backed assessment, including Aston University, Nottingham Trent University, Coventry University, The University of Essex and The University of Exeter.

The TEF is designed to become a new standard in Higher Education. Whilst there is a major focus on the quality of teaching, an institution’s TEF rating actually factors in other key metrics such as employability of graduates, teaching satisfaction, and student retention.

As the leading provider of managed Internet Services to student accommodation, StudentCom are passionate about delivering the best experience for our students. We believe that accommodation forms an integral part of a student’s positive experience at university. We recently conducted research into the link between student accommodation and a positive TEF score by surveying 1000 first and second year students across the UK.

This research revealed that accommodation is a lot more than just a place to sleep. 8 in 10 students agree that their living environment has impacted their university social life, and ‘not getting on with flatmates’ would be a factor of their accommodation that would make them consider dropping out.

Three quarters of students also believe that their accommodation has had an impact on their academic performance, which is important to consider as halls of residence remains the preferred accommodation choice for 70% of first year students

Students also consider their accommodation as a key study area, with 91% saying they study there at least once a week, and 27% even studying there every day. A further 83% consider their accommodation to have a moderate or greater impact on their overall student satisfaction.

The importance of accommodation for student retention cannot be ignored for universities hoping to achieve a good TEF rating.

StudentCom have proven results with many of the top ranked universities and accommodation providers, and know the importance of high speed connectivity for today’s students. 73% of students rank high speed Wi-Fi as the most important facility in accommodation, whether that is for socialising or working.

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You can also download the full TEF research via: