The Future of TV viewing for Generation Z

The Future of TV viewing for Generation Z

Charlotte Griffiths
20th February 2017

Three quarters of students pay for streaming services to watch TV and movies. Millennials are creating integrated multi-media experiences with Smart TVs and on-demand services at the centre.

In the latest research published by StudentCom, 73% of students pay for streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The survey was conducted in January 2017 and included 1,500 respondents studying at UK universities.

Video-on-demand (VOD) has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with Netflix being the clear winner. As of 2015, Netflix had 5 million subscribers in the UK. Of the 73% of students in the StudentCom survey who paid for streaming services:

  • 84% subscribed to Netflix, 54% subscribed to Amazon Prime and 14% subscribed to SkyGo.
  • 70% of students said that VOD services were their preferred medium to watch movies
  • 55% said VOD was their preferred medium to watch TV shows

When asked to rank in order of usage the devices used for streaming or downloading content, laptops and mobiles phones came in first and second respectively. Millennials are becoming key influencers in how we consume media content, growing up in a culture where on-demand is the norm and portability of devices is key. With phones becoming bigger, and laptops becoming smaller, and both becoming more like tablets, it is no surprise that these two devices ranked highly in the survey.

According to OFCOM’s ‘Connected Nations 2016’ research, subscription VOD services are complementing rather than replacing conventional TV, with many Smart TVs integrating video and music on demand and still the best device for an immersive gaming experience.

The traditional TV set still forms an integral part of the digital home from home experience. In Ofcom’s ‘Digital Day’ Research in 2016, watching TV or films on a TV set remained the most popular way of consuming digital content for both children and adults. 22% of students in the StudentCom survey also said they use ‘screen mirroring’, where content being viewed on their phones, tablets or laptops can be sent and viewed on the larger TV screen. Live TV remains by far the most popular way of viewing TV.

The significant increase in TV platforms that merge broadcast and online content into one consumer experience and established Smart TV technology like VOD and Catch-Up means TV has become a key component in creating more integrated multimedia experiences for Generation Z.

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