The significance of the TEF and why accommodation matters

Charlotte Griffiths
20th April 2017

The significance of the TEF and why accommodation matters

In the latest campaign from StudentCom and Campuslife, we look at the significance of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), and why accommodation plays such a key role in student performance and retention.

By surveying 1000 students across the UK, we saw that:

  • Halls of residence is still the preferred accommodation choice for 70% of first year students.
  • Three quarters of students believe that their accommodation has had an impact on their academic performance. Of those, 26% said it did so negatively.
  • Students do consider their university accommodation a key study area, with 91% saying they study there at least once a week, and 28% of all students saying they study in their student accommodation every day.
  • 83% of students consider their living accommodation to have a moderate or greater impact on their overall student satisfaction.
  • Students ranked ‘getting on with our flatmates’ as the main contributing factor towards having a positive university experience. ‘Not getting on with flatmates’ was the accommodation factor that would make most students consider dropping out
  • The biggest challenge of living in student accommodation is ‘finding the balance between study time and social life’.
  • ‘Academic dissatisfaction’ is the most likely reason for dropping out, but 1 in 5 also said that mental health would be a major consideration. A third of students believe that their experience of university accommodation has impacted on their mental health.

Students are very much aware of the connection between student accommodation, student performance and retention, and that one area of their experience (e.g. accommodation) can have on another (e.g. academic performance). Students consider their accommodation experience to be something far more important that just somewhere to sleep.

Universities need to consider that what matters is being able to deliver an accommodation experience that is equipped to meet the needs of their students. While the TEF might be assessed in distinct criteria, the reality is that universities hoping to achieve a good score should recognise that the quality of a student’s accommodation has the potential to impact everything from academic performance to social life to happiness, and those key decisions about the future.

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