Tom's Wild Week at Uni!

Clare Trigg
26th September 2017

What does it mean to be a student in 2017?

With increased tuition fees students now feel more pressure than ever to make the most of their opportunity to go to university. This combined with their desire to be fit and healthy, look good on social media, and get good grades result in many conflicting priorities. Going to the gym, eating healthily, studying late into the night, and pre drinks have all become commonplace in a typical student's life!

In terms of communicating, would you believe students don’t even need each other’s phone numbers now as they increasingly communicate through social media apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat?

To learn more about how the modern student lives, what drives them and how they communicate, watch Tom's Wild Week at Uni which follows Director, Tom White as he goes back to uni for 1 week, enrols on a course and even lives at Halls of Residence.

Click on the links below to find out how Tom got on:

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PART 3 "I don't even have my friends' phone numbers"

PART 4 "This is a normal night for us"

PART 5 Tom pumps iron

PART 6 Ssshhh!! Tom's in the library

PART 7 Tom sings opera

PART 8 The truth about pre drinks

PART 9 Its been emotional