University of Leicester discover the power of 360⁰ video

Clare Trigg
3rd October 2017

The University of Leicester have brought their accommodation to life for prospective students by choosing to use 360⁰ video from Campuslife.

Chris Harrison, Deputy Director of Campus Services from the University of Leicester, explains how during their visit days students only have a limited time to view the accommodation and in reality, often only get to see 2 or 3 rooms. However, with 360⁰ video, even if they’re not physically able to see it, students can explore the accommodation at their leisure and actually they feel as if they’re in the room.

The technology works by using a spherical camera, enabling you to record in every direction at once. Every angle of your surroundings is captured to give viewers a unique tour of the facilities, with control of the angle and viewpoint perspective during playback.

In addition to showcasing their accommodation, the University of Leicester have used 360⁰ video to show off their food court, whilst also informing students about the delicious range of meals they have on offer.

According to Chris, 360⁰ video gives you the best of both worlds. “The presenter can talk about the details behind the meal plan whilst the pictures show you how lovely the food court looks.”

He also goes on to explain, “It’s also really good for the open days as we always get students who can’t come up to the accommodation as time doesn’t allow. By having 360⁰ video it’s the closest they’re going to get to feeling like they’re actually there.”

To find out more about how 360⁰ video can help showcase your accommodation, facilities and campus, get in touch with Hannah on 0845 224 6498 or email and we’ll come give you a full demo. We’ll even bring a headset so you can experience everything the technology has to offer.